Thank you for visiting Priority One Security Safe Listing Page.  All areas marked  red *must be filled in, please make sure all information is correct, any information missing or incorrect will delay the process of safe listing your vehicle.

Once the request is submitted it will be sent to our dispatch center where it will be processed.

Remember: The only way to safe list a vehicle is by phone or our website, our main line is 714-778-0447  please do not text our main line, we do not receive text messages and your vehicle will not be safe listed that way.


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Remember : If there is a problem with your safe list request you will receive a call from one of our team members, if there is no answer an email will be sent to the email address you provided with the explanation of why it cant be safe listed, otherwise your safe list request has been completed and accepted. If you need a confirmation number you can call us at 714-778-0447 to request one.

By submitting this form you are accepting the terms and conditions of the safe list program set by your community and enforced by Priority One Security.

* Priority One Security officers are not Police Officers and we do not intend to represent ourselves  as such.
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  • Invalid or Incorrect information entered will not be honored and will be subject to citation and/or towing.

  • Safe listing your vehicle does not prevent it from being towed if it is not parked in a designated legal space.

  • There is no guarantee that you will have a parking space even when your vehicle has been safe listed.

  • Commercial or recreational vehicles can not be safe listed.

  • For more information on safe listing in your community please review your home owners association rules and regulations.

  • Please submit this form for each vehicle you want to safe list.

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Each Day could count as one safe list. Check your HOA rules before submitting.  


911 should be called first in case of emergencies, crimes in progress or medical assistance. We receive an overwhelming amount of calls for incidents that require police, fire or medical response, after calling 911 please give us a call so we can respond and  document  the incident for our clients.

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